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  1. Language Service
    It is not a good idea at all for scholars and researchers to spend long hours just dealing with the language, causing a great distraction from their study and research. We want to help those people spend their time and energy for research in their unique area of expertise, and not in language issue. We provide the language support for scholars and researchers as a part of this solution.
    Zenis provides high quality proofreading and translation that optimizes scientific and comprehensive in writing by using our own system. We hope you prepare thoroughly for the future. More about Language Services

  2. WEB Creation
    Creating websites for universities, including their graduate schools, laboratories and research projects, that effectively present information is an important component of active information exchange. This visibility leads to collaborative research. Inevitably, people have a greater interest in applied research that connects more immediately to their everyday concerns and to direct economic effects. However, many fields of research and technology must be considered as intermediate or long-term processes. A carefully constructed web presence can allow a full understanding and appreciation of basic research as valuable subjects. More about WEB creation