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To scholars and researchers

Scholars and researchers frequently report their research results for world consumption, and those opportunities will increase in the future. The best technique is that authors prepare conference reports and write scientific papers in the foreign language by themselves. However, many are inexperienced in a range of foreign languages. Therefore, they must spend long hours just dealing with the language, causing a great distraction from their study and research. We want to help those people spend their time and energy for research in their unique area of expertise, and not in language study. We provide the language support for scholars and researchers as a part of this solution.

To translators and those who want to be translators

Top level translators and those who want to be top translators need the following skills.
High language accomplishments
Familiarity with the background of the countries of using the target language (politics, economy, education, history, culture, geography, climate, religion, race and current status).
An understanding of the idea and intentions of the original document.
An ability to measure the world with an international viewpoint, and an ability to understand the kaleidoscope of state-of-the-art technologies, politics and economics.
A desire to perform tasks with confidence without being occupied by price or character.

Basic knowledge, not measured by title alone, is necessary for true language ability. To acquire such an ability, and is valid worldwide, you need to know your own ability and employ a compatible study method.

We evaluate translators for their ability to work within their area of academic expertise by carefully reviewing samples of their translations. And we raise the translators’ level of performance further by appropriate advice, and support you to play an active role on the international stage.

We can not display our translation system clearly on our website because of intellectual property and proprietary concerns. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for details.

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