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Presentation Presentation

Planning and creation of DVD / CD media
Advanced computers and devices have enabled us to create clear images and sound, and digitalization has made possible communication anywhere in the world in real time. Tools like these will advance further in the future.
These tools provide convenient measures enabling easy addition, revision and deletion. Expectations of usability for these tools in academic fields will become more demanding because audiences will want to understand science more deeply by using animation or 3D presentation.

Editing and Production of Books and Pamphlets
Advances in science have promoted the progress of communication so that characters and images are easily obtained via TV, computers and cellular telephones and supported by a variety of other functions. However, as seen in the differences between newspaper and TV, obtaining information from printed matter, which provides more flexibility, is always necessary.

Our staff in the Planning, Design, Translation and Editing sections collaborate to provide DVD / CD and books / pamphlets appropriate for academic fields. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for details.

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