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Already in this unsettled 21st century, information technology has progressed in every field, including academia, politics and economics. Information is exchanged almost instantly. The internet has one of the most important roles in this era, and a high quality webpage is a necessary point of presence. Unfortunately, some universities and research institutions in Japan are still struggling to create competitive websites or have yet to begin. Programs and research achievements at the universities need to be disseminated widely as the universities become independently administered corporations.

Creating websites for universities, including their graduate schools, laboratories and research projects, that effectively present information is an important component of active information exchange. This visibility leads to collaborative research and furthers industrial-academic cooperation. Inevitably, people have a greater interest in applied research that connects more immediately to their everyday concerns and to direct economic effects. However, many fields of research and technology must be considered as intermediate or long-term processes. A carefully constructed web presence can allow a full understanding and appreciation of basic research as valuable subjects.

Technical research in Japan is evaluated highly and attracting great attention worldwide. Collaborative research with other countries can be accelerated by presenting information directly, in a multitude of languages (primarily English). We Japanese struggle with the language barrier to English. Even the most valuable and highest quality information, if released in poor English, never be accepted or properly appreciated.

We have established a web creation team that we are proud to compare to any other in the world. Our translation and editing professionals, already highly regarded by scholars and researchers, work closely with talented web programmers in Japan, Europe and the US, and with computer graphic related design staff. Our editorial staff also supports presentation of research achievement in language appropriate for individual academic fields.


Website creation
Graduate of the University of Cambridge with CG credit
Graduate of UCLA graduate school with computer design credit and others

Translation staff graduated from the Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, etc.

We can not display our translation system clearly on our website because of intellectual property and proprietary concerns. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for details.

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