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Business Creation Industrial-Academic Cooperation

Economics in the 20th century seemed to be a construct of material civilization. The economics of mass production brought countries with industrial technologies to become dominant economic powers. However, at the end of the century, many more countries became capable of mass production through significant progress in science. If every country follows a similar economic policy, those with the lowest production cost have an advantage. Japan, with few resources and high land and labor costs, is vulnerable to overseas competition. In extreme cases, the future of a nation may be affected. We believe that Japan needs to win the economic competition using value-added products developed through state-of-the-art technologies that other countries cannot follow easily. Another goal should be to prevent important scholarship and technologies from being lost to the country. In this way, we can build an infrastructure for Japan’s future.

The best scholarship and technologies in Japan come from the top universities. The best way to promote further progress is to link the academically derived scholarship and technologies to industrial fields and provide it to the world. This pattern is observed in nearly every country, resulting in intense competition that Japan withstands alone.

In the past, academia and industry did not interact or compete in Japan. The mainstream was collaboration and courses by donation. However, public universities will become independently administered corporations starting in 2004, and uniqueness will be more important. Previous patents and technologies of the universities will be disclosed, and new patents and technologies will be greatly changed. This is a most important point. Universities that choose the correct path will face a great leap. This can be difficult when undertaken with little experience. We provide methods specific to individual areas of scholarship and technology that guide through each step of the process.

Technologies that companies seek to exploit are more specialized than ever. We have systems to support individual companies needing accurate information. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for details.

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