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Development of on-line media and computerized resources is a significant enterprise. Important information is released around-the-clock from all corners of the world, where time and space to be condensed. Competition within state-of-the-art science is intense. Academicians risk being left behind unless they can rapidly harness the flows of information.

Communications, however, are conducted mostly in English. Therefore, Japanese researchers, who are not English native speakers, find themselves working behind a language barrier.

To be recognized for their contributions worldwide, researchers need comprehensive writing skills in high quality English as almost as much as research quality. By seeking to minimize costs, such as a lower rate per word for language services, translations may not reach the high quality that communicates the nuances of academic specialties. The two approaches are to train people who have an ability to perform translations and who know the importance of quality English in the universities and research institutions. Or researchers can hire good translation companies.

In general, hiring a good translation company is the better solution because most universities span an enormous range of academic fields making it nearly impossible for one university to provide translators to cover all fields. On the other hand, good translation companies have top level contract translators, who usually stay behind the scene. Not only do they have excellent language skills, but are also familiar with the spectrum of fields of expertise and have extensive backgrounds in the target language and country.

However, entities that coordinate translation work are generally not capable of evaluating the translation work related to specialized fields. Native speakers can check translation quality expressed in grammar and spelling, but can not in review the deeper aspect of sentences and overall construction. Researchers, who are specialists, need to evaluate quality by themselves.

Zenis provides high quality translation that optimizes scientific and comprehensive in writing by using our own translation system. We hope you recognize the importance of high quality translation and prepare thoroughly for the future.

We fully understand the meaning of original documents and the author’s intent to prepare a true translation.
We understand context (culture, history and custom) of the target language and reflect individual / organizational policy and identity onto the translation.
Experts in each field work on the translations.

We can not display our translation system clearly on our website because of intellectual property and proprietary concerns. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail for details.

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